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To get the Assault Knife in Cod Mobile, reach Tier 21 in the Battle Pass. Once you reach this tier, you can unlock and use the Assault Knife in your loadout.

Welcome to the thrilling world of Call of Duty: Mobile, where intense battles unfold and players battle it out for victory. One of the sought-after weapons in the game is the Assault Knife, a deadly close-quarters weapon that allows for swift eliminations.

In this guide, we will discuss how to obtain this coveted weapon. By reaching Tier 21 in the Battle Pass, you can unlock and wield the powerful Assault Knife in your loadout, enabling you to dominate your opponents in close-range combat. So, let’s jump in and discover the steps to acquire this formidable weapon in Cod Mobile.

How To Unlock The Assault Knife In Cod Mobile

The Assault Knife is a highly sought-after weapon in Call of Duty Mobile (Cod Mobile) due to its unique features and up-close combat advantages. Unlocking this powerful weapon requires dedicated gameplay and achievement completion. Understanding the Assault Knife is crucial in utilizing its potential in battles. With its lightweight design and high mobility, the Assault Knife is perfect for swift and stealthy attacks, allowing players to move swiftly on the battlefield. Its key features include quick melee attacks and high damage output, making it an ideal choice for close-quarters combat situations. To unlock the Assault Knife, players need to complete specific in-game achievements and challenges. These tasks may vary, including kills with other melee weapons or specific game modes. By successfully completing these requirements, players will be rewarded with this deadly weapon to dominate the battlefield and add a new dimension to their gaming experience in Cod Mobile.

Step 1: Understanding The Assault Knife

Overview of the Assault Knife in Cod Mobile

The assault knife is a specialized melee weapon available in Cod Mobile. It offers a unique playstyle and can be a powerful tool in the right hands. Unlocking the assault knife provides players with an exciting and versatile option for close-quarters combat.

Unlocking the assault knife opens up new tactical possibilities. Its fast attack speed and high mobility make it an excellent choice for aggressive players. With the ability to quickly eliminate enemies in close-quarter engagements, the assault knife allows for a more dynamic and unpredictable playstyle.

Advantages and disadvantages of using the Assault Knife

Advantages Disadvantages
– Fast attack speed – Limited range
– High mobility – More vulnerable to long-range attacks
– Ability to surprise and flank opponents – Requires close-quarters engagements

Step 2: Unlocking The Assault Knife Through Gameplay

To unlock the Assault Knife in COD Mobile, it is crucial to understand the requirements for unlocking this weapon. While progressing through the game, players need to focus on specific game modes that offer opportunities to earn the necessary kills and XP efficiently. By playing modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy, players can increase their chances of encountering enemies and gaining kills. This is particularly important as earning kills is directly related to XP gain. To maximize the efficiency of gaining XP, players can strategize by using high-powered weapons and utilizing perks that enhance their killing potential. Additionally, players can focus on completing challenges and objectives that reward XP. By following these tips and dedicating time to the game, players can successfully unlock the Assault Knife in COD Mobile.

Step 3: Achievements And Challenges For Unlocking The Assault Knife

Unlocking the Assault Knife in Call of Duty Mobile requires completing specific in-game achievements and challenges. These challenges are designed to test your skills and dedication. Understanding the overall achievements and challenges system is crucial for progressing towards unlocking the Assault Knife.

When it comes to these challenges, they can be divided into general achievements as well as specific challenges related to the Assault Knife. The general achievements are varied and encompass different aspects of the game, while the specific challenges specifically focus on unlocking the Assault Knife.

To successfully complete these challenges and unlock the Assault Knife, it’s important to develop effective strategies. By developing a focused play style and targeting specific objectives, you can maximize your progress towards unlocking the Assault Knife. Whether it’s achieving a certain number of kills or completing specific tasks within a match, keeping track of your progress and adjusting your gameplay accordingly can greatly increase your chances of success.

Tactic 1: Maximizing Kills With The Assault Knife

One of the most sought-after weapons in Call of Duty Mobile is the Assault Knife. Its lethal and stealthy nature makes it a favorite among players looking to dominate close-quarter combat. To maximize kills with the Assault Knife, there are certain tactics you can employ.

Firstly, choosing the right game modes and maps is crucial. Modes like Team Deathmatch and Domination offer intense action-packed gameplay, allowing you to swiftly move around the map and catch enemies off guard. Maps like Nuketown and Cage also provide close-quarters environments ideal for knife kills.

Approaching enemies strategically is key to successful knife kills. Utilize the element of surprise by flanking opponents or waiting for them to pass by your hiding spot. Patience and map awareness are crucial for positioning yourself in high-traffic areas.

Enhancing your knife gameplay can be done through perks and loadouts. Perks like Lightweight and Tracker increase your speed and help you track enemies, while Dead Silence allows for silent movement. Choosing a loadout with a secondary weapon and equipment like flashbangs or smoke grenades can add versatility to your playstyle.

Tactic 2: Mastering Movement And Positioning

When it comes to mastering movement and positioning in Call of Duty Mobile, mobility plays a crucial role in successful knife gameplay. Sneaking up on enemies and striking from unexpected angles is a technique that can catch opponents off guard. By utilizing cover and map knowledge, players can find advantageous positions that give them the element of surprise. Being able to navigate the map quickly and efficiently is key, as it allows knife wielders to close the gap between themselves and their targets. Staying agile and constantly changing positions can make it difficult for enemies to predict movements, giving knife players the upper hand in close-quarters combat. With practice and a focus on mobility, players can effectively use the assault knife to dominate in Call of Duty Mobile.

Tactic 3: Advancing Your Knife Skills Through Practice

Improving your knife skills in Call of Duty Mobile requires consistent practice and training. Here are a few training methods that can help you enhance your knife accuracy and timing:

Utilizing custom games and bots for skill development
Custom games provide an excellent opportunity to practice your knife skills in a controlled environment. Set up a game with bots and focus on incorporating knife attacks into your gameplay. This allows you to experiment with different strategies and improve your reaction time.
Learning from experienced players and studying their techniques
Observing and learning from skilled players can help you understand effective knife techniques. Watch gameplay videos, streams, or join online communities to gain insights into their strategies and apply them to your own gameplay. Analyzing their movements and decision-making will contribute to improving your knife skills.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Get The Assault Knife In Cod Mobile

How Can I Unlock The Assault Knife In Cod Mobile?

To unlock the Assault Knife in Cod Mobile, you need to reach Tier 21 in the Seasonal Battle Pass.

What Are The Benefits Of Using The Assault Knife In Cod Mobile?

Using the Assault Knife in Cod Mobile allows you to have a silent and deadly weapon for close-quarters combat, enabling swift and silent takedowns.

Can I Use The Assault Knife In Multiplayer And Battle Royale Modes?

Yes, the Assault Knife can be used in both multiplayer and battle royale modes of Cod Mobile, providing you with an advantage in close-range encounters.

How Do I Equip The Assault Knife In Cod Mobile?

To equip the Assault Knife in Cod Mobile, go to the loadout section and select the primary weapon slot. From there, choose the Assault Knife as your desired weapon.

What Is The Recommended Playstyle When Using The Assault Knife In Cod Mobile?

The recommended playstyle when using the Assault Knife in Cod Mobile is to stay agile, be strategic in your movements, and take advantage of surprise attacks from close range.

Can I Customize The Assault Knife Skin In Cod Mobile?

Yes, you can customize the skin of your Assault Knife in Cod Mobile by obtaining different skins through various in-game events or by purchasing them in the store.


To sum it up, obtaining the Assault Knife in COD Mobile can be a challenging yet worthwhile endeavor. By dedicating time to completing specific tasks and following the required steps, players can unlock this powerful weapon and enhance their gaming experience.

So, gear up, strategize, and embark on your quest to add the Assault Knife to your arsenal. Dominate the battlefield and leave your opponents in awe. Happy gaming!

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