Homemade Cheese Crackers

By | August 22, 2012

homemade cheese crackers

Do your kids love Goldfish Crackers or Cheez-Its?  Mine sure do.  However, several years ago I adopted the philosophy that if my family wanted less-than-healthy food occasionally, then I was going to make it from scratch.  You see that way, I have complete control over the ingredients.  My latest endeavor has been homemade cheese crackers for the kids’ lunches.  I have “healthified” them a bit with the use of whole grain flour.

Why you might want to consider making homemade cheese crackers:

  • You can use whole wheat flour instead of nutritionally bankrupt white flour.
  • You can ensure that the cheese and butter used comes from pastured cows and is growth hormone and antibiotic free.
  • You can avoid the additives and preservatives in the commercial products.
  • The commercial cheese crackers most likely have GMO’s from the flour and oil used, unless they are labeled 100% organic.
  • You can find cute little cookie cutters to make unusual shapes.  Your kids will enjoy helping make these!

This homemade cheese crackers recipe is not new.  I have seen it posted on a lot of blogs, however most use white flour.  What I do differently though is run the dough through my KitchenAid Pasta Roller Attachment.  This results in crackers that are uniform in thickness and makes the whole process go much faster.

Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe

homemade cheese crackers


  • 8 oz. Sharp Cheddar Cheese, shredded.  (I use white cheddar to avoid unnecessary food coloring.)
  • 1/4 cup butter, cubed
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
  • 1/4 tsp onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp sea salt (I use Real Salt.)
  • 2 tbs cold water

homemade cheese crackers

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a food processor, pulse all ingredients except water, until the mixture resembles crumbs.   Transfer to a large mixing bowl and sprinkle with the cold water.  Knead until the dough forms a ball.

homemade cheese crackers

Cut the dough into 8 equal pieces and run through a pasta roller on the thickest setting.

homemade cheese crackers

Use a pizza cutter to cut into squares or alternately you can use 1 inch cookie cutters to make the shapes of your choice.  You can even find a goldfish cookie cutter to make your own goldfish crackers!  Bake the crackers on ungreased baking sheets for 15 minutes, or until crispy.

If you don’t own a pasta roller, you can certainly roll the dough out by hand.  Just get it as thin as you can while still being able to transfer the crackers to a baking sheet.

homemade cheese crackers

I have found that homemade crackers tend to lose their crispness even when stored in an airtight container.  One way to combat this is to put the crackers in a dehydrator for a couple of hours after they have baked.  You can also turn the oven off and allow the crackers to cool completely in there.  You just need to be careful that they don’t get overly brown if you use that method.

These homemade cheese crackers are great for school lunches or after-school snacks.  My kids just love them and I have a feeling I will be making them weekly for their morning snack time at school.  So tell me…  Have you ever made homemade crackers?

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42 thoughts on “Homemade Cheese Crackers

    1. Jennifer Post author

      They were pretty simple to make – the pasta attachment sped things up quite a bit. I think they taste pretty close to what you buy at the store. Plus they met the approval of my toughest critic – my kids :)

  1. Alyssa Rivers

    These look great! I would love to try making my own crackers! Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower and would LOVE for you to visit me and join as well! :)


    1. Jennifer Post author

      Alecia, Have fun with your pasta roller! I think I use mine for crackers way more than I use it for pasta :)

  2. Krista @ While He Was Napping

    Homemade Cheez-its and Goldfish?! Oh my heck! I’m definitely going to have to try this. I love Cheez-its but rarely buy them unless they are on sale. And with a 3-year-old, we practically keep Pepperidge Farm in business with all the goldfish we buy. Pinning now. Thanks so much for sharing at Weekend Wander. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Krista @ While He Was Napping recently posted..Weekend Wander #93My Profile

    1. Jennifer Post author

      Mary, You will have to let me know how they turn out. I have not done much gluten free baking. I know it is a whole different ballgame!

    1. Jennifer Post author

      I don’t think they are too hard – provided you have a pasta roller. If you have to roll the dough by hand, it is a lot more time-consuming. Thanks for visiting!

  3. Joyness Sparkles

    Oh yum! I have not had these in years due to not wanting to eat processed foods. Now I can make them, thank you so much!

    Yes…I have made crackers before, a whole wheat/oat cracker that has been a hit at most parties and is good with sweet or savory. Thanks for the reminder…I should post that recipe soon! :)
    Joyness Sparkles recently posted..Romantic Living: PatienceMy Profile

    1. Jennifer Post author

      I bet your recipe is yummy too! Whenever you get around to posting it, feel free to leave me the link in the comments on this post. I would love to try it.

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    1. Jennifer Post author

      Tiffany, if you try them with parmesan and basil you will have to let me know how they turn out. I bet they would be yummy!

      Graham crackers are next on my list to try to make at home. My youngest girls love teddy grahams.

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  6. krista grandstaff

    These look awesome…and the pasta roller? What an awesome idea!! I have it just sitting here, hardly used… and thank you for the tip about the crackers losing their crispness…I hate when I follow all of the directions, and something is only good for the first few hours!

  7. Kayleigh

    I just made these and I am so happy with the results! The taste closely resembles goldfish crackers. The only thing is that my dough didn’t get that that “crumb” consistency like it was supposed to. I had to add quite a bit more water than called for, but that is totally fine. I’d rather that than the dough be too wet. Also, my advice to those without a pasta roller: turn the oven on a lower heat (325) for a tad longer. That way the tops won’t get too done before the inside has a chance to get crisp and it won’t matter that you won’t be able to get the crackers as thin as you would if you had use a pasta roller.

    Thanks for this recipe! I love it and will be remaking.


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